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The Installation Of Your System

Is The Most Important Day Of Its Life!

Alexandria Air Conditioning Installation

Installation for All HVAC Makes and Models

For most homeowners, buying a new HVAC system is a once in a lifetime event. These systems are designed to last, and for good reason: They have to put up with the intense humidity and heat of our Louisiana summers! When you do need to buy a new system, it's important to have it installed correctly. Otherwise, you could forfeit your warranty claims and pay sky-high energy bills. Our team at Atlas Cooling, LLC is here to ensure that all goes smoothly.

Why Is A/C Installation So Important?

The installation of your system is the most important day of its life. An improperly installed system can leave you with high energy costs, a lower lifespan for the overall system, and an improperly cooled home.

If your system isn't sized and connected properly, your system can suffer from:

  • Back-flow pressure
  • Hot and cold spots
  • Increased system stress
  • Decreased efficiency

Our Guarantees

As an added benefit, all of our systems come with a 10-Year Parts Warranty! This warranty is on all parts and works cohesively with the units that also have a 10-Year Labor Warranty.

If you're looking to save money on repairs or replacements, be sure to take advantage of these great guarantees:

  • Installation Promise: Your new system will be installed by the date we say or we will pay you $500.
  • No Surprise Promise: The price quoted is the price you pay once the work begins.
  • No Break Down Promise: If your system breaks down in the first 3 years and we are not there within 24 hours of your call, you receive $500.
  • Lifetime Compressor: If the compressor fails, you will receive a new outside unit for as long as you own your home (certain models).
  • Comfort Promise: The system will heat and cool your home to your satisfaction or be replaced at no charge if qualified work is done.
  • Property Protection Promise: Drop cloths, shoe covers and other precautions are taken to protect your property.
  • Professional Promise: The work will be performed by our professionally trained and drug free technicians.
  • Code Compliance Promise: The installation will comply with all existing codes.
  • Satisfaction Promise: We will meet or exceed your expectations with our equipment and customer service.

Proper Sizing for Your HVAC System

One of the most important factors of selecting your new HVAC system is proper sizing of the unit. It's important to realize that bigger is not always better when it comes to cooling your home.

It's commonly assumed that a larger or more powerful HVAC system is simply better at keeping your home cooler. But, just as a unit that's too small has to run constantly to keep your home cool, an oversized unit will cycle too often. HVAC systems use a great deal of energy when they start up, and constantly cycling on and off can use more energy than a carefully metered use.

Since every home is unique, properly sizing an HVAC unit to your home can be difficult. Hiring a professional team to size your home and match the right output system for your home's size is the most sure-fire way to get the most out of your energy-efficient system. You can trust the experts at Atlas Cooling to help you find the best solution available to match your needs and expenses.

If your current air conditioner doesn't seem to be keeping up, or keeps breaking down with alarming regularity, maybe it's time for a change: Call Atlas Cooling, LLC at (318) 933-3888 we'll diagnose your cooling system and help you find the best system to suit your home!

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